Placement Cell

Chairperson: Dr. Arshia Shariff

Members: Mr. Repollu Maddileti and Ms. Kamalika Ghorai


The placement cell is responsible for all the supervision and management of the placement process for students. Placement committee is one of the stepping stone for students to gain internships and on and off-campus jobs. According to the Standard Operating Procedure, the placement committee members are to carry out their responsibilities.

Placement Committee Vidya Siri College of Pharmacy

Gender Sensitization Committee

Chairman: Dr. Arshia Shariff

Coordinator: Mr. Mohan CV,

Members: Ms Rubaina Ali

The role of this committee is to observe and monitor a strict implementation of policies and Standard Operating Procedures regarding the safety of women, mostly. Still, it applies to all the genders as well. It has been organized to eradicate issues like sexual harassment, favouritism and many other problems related to genders. This committee will make sure that all the Acts by the government are strictly observed and implemented. The constituted Committee Members must follow the responsibilities according to Saksham Guidelines (Measures for Ensuring the Safety of Women and Programmes for Gender Sensitization on Campuses).

Anti-Discrimination Cell

Chairperson: Ms. Kavitha S
Members: Mr. Mohan CV and Ms. Rubaina Ali

The anti-Discrimination cell has been created to ensure there is a practical implementation of rules and regulations for the deprived class of students. It has been established so that diversity in our campus can be increased by guiding them and counselling them regarding academic, financial and social matters. Click here to check Guidelines for such committees.

Anti-Discrimination Cell Vidya Siri College of Pharmacy

Anti-Ragging Committee

Revised Composition of Anti-Ragging Committee

Chairman: Dr. Arshia Shariff – Principal

Contact: +7030963900

Vice Chairman: Mr. Repollu Maddileti 
Contact: +9160920315

Member: Mr. Maruthi K (Police Constable) 
Contact: +8296526422

Member: Mrs Lisma Babu – Assistant Professor 
Contact: +9440850352

Member: Mr. Moha Zabeeulla – Trustee, NGO  
Contact: +9986021214

Member: Mr. Sunil – Technician & Admin  
Contact: +8015277136


Members of Anti-Ragging Squad (24 X 7)

Sunil – Technician & Admin – 8015277136

Subodh Mule (D. Pharm Part II) – Student – 9960260103

Rasika (B.Pharm 1st SEM) – Student – 7783885023

Saptarshi Dey (B.Pharm 1st SEM) – Student – 6294094914

Santosh (B.Pharm 3rd SEM) – Student – 6282738264

Ragging is a crime of demoralizing and defaming junior class in institutes by senior or influential class. Anti-ragging team has been established to monitor the on-campus activities continuously and off-campus activities, especially hostels, to make sure that there is no kind of ragging carried out. This committee will make sure there is no verbal or physical abuse by the seniors to sustain a growing diverse culture. For details and laws related to anti-ragging, please click here.

Anti-Ragging committee Vidya Siri College of Pharmacy
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