Programme Outcomes

  • Pharmacy Knowledge: Knowledge of pharmacy profession, including biological sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, behavioral, social, and administrative pharmacy sciences, and manufacturing processes.

  • Planning Abilities: Ability to develop pharmaceutical care plans, therapeutic regimens, and medication therapy management plans.

  • Problem Analysis: Ability to analyze drug-related problems and provide appropriate therapeutic interventions.

  • Modern Tool Usage: Ability to use modern technology to access and analyze drug information, develop patient profiles, and create patient-specific medication records.

  • Leadership Skills: Skills necessary to guide and lead others in patient care, problem solving, and decision making.

  • Professional Identity: Knowledge of the pharmacist’s role in health care and the importance of professional development.

  • Pharmaceutical Ethics: Ability to recognize ethical considerations in the practice of pharmacy, including patient safety, informed consent, and drug diversion.

  • Communication: Ability to effectively communicate with patients, health care professionals, and other stakeholders.

  • The Pharmacist and Society: Knowledge of the pharmacist’s role in public health, patient education, and health promotion.

  • Environment and Sustainability: Knowledge of environmental health, sustainability, and the role of the pharmacist in promoting a healthy environment.

  • Life-long Learning: Ability to critically evaluate scientific literature, participate in continuing education activities, and develop professional competencies.

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