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2019 Publication List: Vidya Siri College of Pharmacy (ISI Web of Science)

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  1.  Sreeharsha N, Venugopala KN, Nair AB, Roopashree TS, Attimarad M, Hiremath JG, Al-Dhubiab BE, Ramnarayanan C, Shinu P, Handral M, Haroun M, Tratrat C. An efficient, lung-targeted, drug-delivery system to treat asthma via microparticles. Drug Design, Development and Therapy. 2019;13:4389-4403.
  2. Sreeharsha N, Ramnarayanan C, Al-Dhubiab BE, Nair AB, Hiremath JG, Venugopala KN, Satish RT, Attimarad M, Shariff A. Mucoadhesive Particles: A Novel, Prolonged-Release Nanocarrier of Sitagliptin for the Treatment of Diabetics. BioMed Research International. 2019;2019.
  3. SreeHarsha N, Hiremath JG, Rawre BK, Puttaswamy N, Al-Dhubiab BE, Venugopala KN, Akrawi SH, Meravanige G, Attimarad M, Nair AB. Formulation and evaluation of tamoxifen citrate loaded transdermal reservoir gel drug delivery systems. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research. 2019;53(4):S596-S606.
  4. SreeHarsha N, Hiremath JG, Aitha RK, Domb AJ, Al-Dhubiab BE, Ramnarayanan C, Alzahrani AM, Venugopala KN, Akrawi SH, Attimarad M, Nair AB. Paclitaxel loaded poly (DL lactic acid co castor oil) 60:40 with poloxamer-F68 rod shape cylindrical nanoparticle preparation and in vitro cytotoxicity studies. Polymers for Advanced Technologies. 2019;30(10):2613-2622.


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