Vidya Siri College of Pharmacy Announced Role Of Pharmacist In Public Healthcare

Role Of Pharmacist In Public Healthcare
  1. What is healthcare system in India?

Healthcare involves hospitals, medical devices and equipments, manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, outsourcing of manufacturing, supply chain of pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, clinical research organizations, telemedicine, medical tourism, and health insurance.  In india, healthcare system has two components, public and private.

The public healthcare system in India has undergone revolutionary changes in the last few years. The policies of government are completely focused on the health and wellbeing of people. While the Central and State governments play an important role in drafting the healthcare schemes, it is the team of doctors, clinical pharmacists, dispensing pharmacists and pharmacy graduates, postgraduates and doctorates who are executing the Healthcare mission at the ground level.

Being a bridge between doctors’ and patients, Pharmacists have several roles to play in Public Healthcare. While a pharmacist takes an oath he/she vows to be a specialist in medications, a companion of the physician and a counsellor of patients and, most importantly a guardian of public health.

Vidya Siri College of Pharmacy provides well-structured courses, experienced and expert topic professors who train and coach you at the Pharmacy college, preparing you to fulfill your responsibilities in public healthcare. This is one of Bangalore’s top institutions providing either a diploma or a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) has recognized this college. In India, the Pharmacy Practice is governed by the Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940. Amongst all the roles the Pharmacist carries, here are his responsibilities in Public healthcare:

  1. Pharmacist for community based healthcare management

In a community setting, pharmacists are involved in the wholesale and retail sale of medicines. They take care of inventory control of the medicines, order the medicines as required and make them available as per necessity to the people. In retail stores, the pharmacists are assigned the role of correct interpretation of the doctor’s prescription and providing the right medication to the people.

  1. Pharmacist as a patient counsellor

With their knowledge and expertise in the subjects, the pharmacists can counsel the patients regarding the correct use of the medicines. Pharmacists can educate people about avoiding self-medication and rational use of antibiotics. Pharmacists are also responsible for explaining the correct route of administration of a particular dosage form.

  1. Pharmacist as a health educator

Health education: Pharmacists can come forward as educators and promote health education especially in the rural areas, where people are unaware about using medicines. They can participate in various schemes of the government and contribute to health education.

  1. Involvement of pharmacist in decision making

Vidya Siri College of Pharmacy helps participate in Clinical decision making: With the changing role of the new pharmacists in this era, pharmacists can become a part of clinical settings and work shoulder to shoulder with doctors for maintaining patient records in a hospital or clinical settings and monitoring the treatment of the patients.

In India the role of pharmacists is changing for the better, It is now not just confined to dispensing of medications but encompasses several roles and responsibilities. Together pharmacists with the other working segments of the healthcare system will make the Public healthcare system a better and healthy place for people.

This paper was authored by Vidya Siri College of Pharmacy faculty members in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Vidya Siri College of Pharmacy is Bangalore’s best pharmacy college. It is performing at its best in terms of engaging students and allowing them to learn successfully. Character development, personality grooming, educational independence, and good infrastructure are all priorities at the college.

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