How to open a medical store or pharmacy in India?


How can I start a pharmacy shop?

Are you planning to open a medical store or pharmacy business in India, but you are new to it and does not know much about this field? If you said yes, then we are sure that several questions must be arising in your brain regarding the opening of your medical store.

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Some questions such as-

  • How much money is required to open a medical store?
  • How to get the pharmacy license?
  • What qualifications are needed to open a medical store?

We are sure that many more such questions must be taking place inside your brain, and here we are going to help you by providing solution to all such questions of yours.

So if you are some who wants to open a medical store and want to fetch knowledge regarding it before opening one, then this article is a must-read for you.

How to open a medical store/pharmacy in India?

One thing before heading towards the main topic, I would let you know, and that is for starting or opening a medical store in India you should have a license for that, and there are several requirements for that.

Let us have a look at all the requirements with the help of which you can get your license from the State Pharmacy Council in India.

  1. All about the qualification needed-

The first question you need to ask yourself is, do you have a D-Pharm, B-Pharm, Pharm.D. Pharm.D(PB) or M-pharm degree with you? If you said no, then firstly you should get a pharmacist with whom you can work.

This is a mandatory requirement as you would need a qualification proof of atleast one pharmacist. You can even get an employee for yourself and can use his/her qualification proof for getting the pharmacy license.

2. Information about Store Space-

You would also have to provide a rental agreement or the ownership details on your store with the help of which the officials would be able to ensure that you have sufficient storage space at your place. Moreover, the minimum requirement for a pharmacy store is 10 square meters.

In case if you are having a thought of combining your store into retail and wholesale, then the minimum requirement of space is 10 square meters.

3. Investment needed-

The next factor on which you should have a look at is the investment section, and you must be knowing that a monthly investment of Rs 10,000 to 10 lac can take place depending upon various factors. So you must already made arrangements for the investment of your new medical store or pharmacy business.

4. Need for pharmacists-

To cover the competition and to provide fluent services to all your customers, you would need to hire some pharmacist that can work for you. But if you are starting and you don’t think that you need any other person for handling the work right now, then you can neglect this thought too.

While if you are going to hire a pharmacist for your medical store, then you should go through a checklist and those are as follows-

  •  The person should be a graduate with at least one year of experience in the same field.
  •  One should be registered and approved by the Pharmacy Council of India.

5. Cold storage-

You should have a refrigerator or other such cold storage options in your medical store with the help of which you can store those medicines that should be kept at a cold temperature only.

6. Step up in the marketing world-

Make sure that you are not keeping yourself old fashioned by using the tactics of just placing your medical store boards at one or two places. You should step into the marketing world in which, with the help of social media and other such platforms, you would be able to do the marketing of your store and hence can fetch more customers to it.

7. Documentations-

Here we are going to have a look at the documentation that you need for starting a medical store. Make sure you note them all-

  • Pharmacy License application form
  • Covering letter
  • Fee deposition slip or challan
  • Declaration form
  • Blueprint of the store
  • Identity proof
  • Ownership proof
  • Affidavit of proprietor under the drugs and cosmetics act, 1940
  • Affidavit of a registered pharmacist
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